[TRANS] 140717 Xiumin’s Interview for Fashion Kode

Hi, this is EXO-Xiumin, the ambassador for Fashion Code!

I’m very honored to be part of Fashion Code ambassador and I’m feeling the responsibility that’s coming up ahead of me.

Q. What’s your favorite style?

A. I always try to try new things so I can’t specifically pick out which ones are my favorite. I try to accept whatever my stylist hyung hands me, thinking ‘maybe I’ll try this’ and so I get a lot of assistance from him, trying to learn how the things like the weather, or the place that I’ll be visiting will effect my fashion code. I always try to fit my style with the situation given so I try to digest it in many different ways.

Q. Who is most interested in fashion?

A. I’m guessing it’s probably Chen. Whenever he wears clothes he has that… sense of style which is distinct from what others wear. He would try things that no one else has ever tried so that’s why I think it’s Chen.

Q. What is a fashion for you?

A. To put it in a word, I’d say it’s being tactful. I always think about the surrounding atmosphere whenever I go out. I mean, I can’t walk into a grocery store in a suite. So I need to be able to fit in with the situation, match well with surroundings, and harmonize. That’s why I say fashion is being tactful.

Be with Fashion Code in July!

Trans by iXiumin
Take out with full Credit!


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