[NEWS] Xiumin to star with Kim So Eun in a web drama “Falling for Do Jeon”

EXO’s Xiumin and actress Kim So Eun have been cast as leads in web drama “Falling for Do Jeon”.

“Falling for Do Jeon” will be a web drama about two people who fall in love in a hobby club called “One Plus.” Xiumin will play Na Do Jeon, a bright individual who works part-time as a clown because he genuinely loves making people laugh. Kim So Eun will play Ban Ha Na, a girl dreaming of starting her own food truck and struggles to stop the club from closing.

Xiumin recently finished filming his film debut, while Kim So Eun starred in MBC‘s “Scholar Who Walks the Night” that ended last month. Filming for the web drama starts next week.

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CLOSED [PROJECT] iXiumin’s Special Support Goods


Hello everyone!

iXiumin has been around for 3 years now with a growing number of followers and a couple of projects. We have been giving updates 24/7 earnestly, and of course, supporting Xiumin unceasingly.

And since we have an increasing amount of followers from around the globe and our wish to give Xiumin bigger and better supports and projects, we are happy to announce our first ever SPECIAL FANGOODS PROJECT!

The purpose of this project is to raise money for iXiumin’s upcoming events. The earnings from this projects will be used and spent for future events such as the annual birthday project, supports, EXO Concerts, etc.

iXiumin has prepared a special fangoods set that includes a canvas totebag, a neck pillow, two hand banners, a notes, a fan, pins, stickers , and secret photo cards as bonus!

Here are the designs of the items

Fanart credits to @wuchann and our graphic designer Ginette


Price $20 / IDR 250k per set

How to Order

For Xiumin fans who live in Indonesia, you can fill this FORM

For Overseas orders :
1 Set : 20$+ EMS
2 set : 40$ + EMS

Paypal seyufani24@gmail.com
Ask EMS by email to ixiuminprojects@gmail.com with the title [GROUP ORDER] Your Country  (e.g) [GROUP ORDER] Philippines

The order is open from 7th September 2015 to 7 October 2015

Any inquiries can be send trough our askfm.
We are looking forward for your support! ^_^