[TRANS (COMPILATION)] 150425 Love Game Radio


DJ: Have you ever thought of being a DJ on your own?
XM: To be honest, I’m not really confident yet. Maybe when I get older, I might be able to do it..

DJ: Anything you want to say that you didn’t get a chance for award acceptance speech?
XM: Since there are a lot of members we have to keep it short but it gets cut off sometimes because we’re out of time. What I always want to say is that we EXO are able to shine because of you EXO-L and this might be a new type of speech but I wanted to say thanks to the cleaning ladies because they have taken care of us very well ever since we debuted, so thank you.

DJ: I think the fanclub name ‘EXO-L’ is well-made
It also means another part of EXO.

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[TRANS (NEWS)] 150619 Idols Who are Sucesssful as Fans : “For my Idol, I can become a super mackerel!”


Anyone will end up liking someone once in their lives. And some of those people pour those feelings towards their boyfriend/girlfriends or to celebrities.

The idols are evolving as they pass their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation. Out of these idols, some have fulfilled their dreams by watching over them – them as a junior colleague and the idol as a senior colleague. This is called successful fans. The people that have succeeded as an idol buys all the envy from other fans. The successful fans have worked hard to become a singer and they have met their idol through their hard works. And after they debut, they fanboy/fangirl in front of their favorite celebrity. Fanboy/fangirl like these stars.

EXO’s Xiumin, “For my Idol, I can become a super mackerel!”

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