[NOTICE] iXiumin: MAY 2016 – MAR 2016 Thank you everyone!

Hello, this is iXiumin’s head admin.

Some of you might be aware that for the past few months, this fanbase has not been that active anymore. The reason is my co-admin and I has been busy with our lives. So, after much thought and consideration, we’ve decided to CLOSE this fanbase.

I would like to say THANK you very much to our followers, fellow Xiumin fans, who played a great role to make iXiumin grow this big, and thank you for believing, defending, and supporting us during tough situations. It truly means a lot.

Also, I would like to sincerely apologize to each and every one of you who have ever felt uncomfortable or felt disappointed because of the things that came up from this account. Personally, I always make sure that I am careful with my tweets and I never intend to offend or degrade anyone.

As the head admin, I feel responsible for everything that happened with iXiumin. The co-admin and I have tried our best in recruiting people who wanted to join our team, we did our best in explaining all the rules, the do’s and don’ts but apparently we trusted the wrong people. I’m terribly sorry for that.

Lastly, I hope everyone can focus on supporting Xiumin and EXO without hurting each other especially on the Internet.

Sincerely Yours,



Hello everyone,

I’ve watched iXiumin grow from 3,000+ followers to 62,000+ followers in the span of 3 years and it makes me happy on the milestone that we have reached. This fanbase is very close to my heart.  Updating, tweeting previews and HQ pictures, and updating the blog are some of my duties and I did my utmost best every time to ensure that our followers are updated. I tried my best not to offend anyone. Often times, there were mishaps that cannot be avoided nonetheless the head admin was always there to help me.

During the recent months, we have been occupied with personal activities and updating iXiumin was less of a priority but we always tried our best in our free times.

We have been discussing of closing this account for months now but I discussed with the head admin that we can always recruit new ones and we can still update whenever we can. In the end, only a few recruits showed that we can have their trust.

To the people we have offended due to the previous incidents, I would also like to apologize. To the people who still doubt us about the recent hacking incident as “fishy” there is nothing I can do to change your mind. We cannot please everybody.

To our followers who have been there for us, to the people who did not leave us and understood our situation, and to everyone I have talked to and met through this journey, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

On behalf of our translators, graphic designers, and co-updaters, both past and current, THANK YOU ALL!

Let’s keep on supporting Xiumin and EXO in the best way possible!

Until then,



Xiumin will be participating in this year’s ISAC

Xiumin will be participating in the futsal category (again) in the 2016 Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC). The recording will be on January 19 at Goyang Stadium. Xiumin is the only member from EXO who will attend  the sports competition this year.

Check out his pictures from the past ISAC futsal games!

Photo credits: mighty bombs, 326 days, dongA.com